ISFMG 2026 will be hosted at Indian Institute of Technology a state-of-the-art conference facility located in the heart of Indore. Situated amidst the vibrant energy and cultural richness of Madhya Pradesh, Indian Institute of Technology offers a perfect setting for an inspiring and productive symposium experience.

  • Location: Indian Institute of Technology Indore is conveniently located within close proximity to [major landmarks, airports, public transportation hubs, etc.], making it easily accessible for participants traveling from around the world. Its central location provides attendees with convenient access to a wealth of dining, entertainment, and cultural attractions, allowing for a seamless blend of work and leisure during the symposium.

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    Getting Here

    • By plane :Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport is one of the best in India and offers good connectivity from major cities of India. Indore airport provides free Wi-Fi internet connectivity. The airport has a service desk of all major hotels of Indore, wherein you can book a room. The airport is situated 30 km away from IIT Indore. To reach the venue, there are private paid taxis available.

    • By train :Indore is connected to major Indian cities and has 4 major railway stations Indore Junction, Rajendra Nagar Railway Station, Laxmibai Nagar Railway Station and Rau Railway Station.

    • By road :The national highway NH-3 (Bombay-Agra Road) and NH-59 (Indore-Ahmedabad Road) passes through Indore. There are daily bus services from Indore to major cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.

  • Facilities: Equipped with modern amenities and flexible event spaces, Indian Institute of Technology Indore provides the ideal environment for hosting a world-class conference like ISFMG 2026. The venue boasts spacious conference halls, breakout rooms, exhibition areas, and networking spaces, ensuring ample room for presentations, discussions, and interactions among participants.

  • Accommodation: Participants attending ISFMG 2026 can take advantage of a variety of accommodation options available in the vicinity of Indian Institute of Technology Indore, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly accommodations. Organizers have secured special room rates for symposium attendees, making it convenient for participants to find comfortable lodging within close proximity to the venue.

  • Accessibility: Indian Institute of Technology Indore is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees. The venue is fully accessible and equipped with facilities to accommodate individuals with special needs or mobility challenges. Should you require any assistance or accommodations during your stay, our dedicated staff will be on hand to ensure your comfort and convenience.

  • Explore INDORE: Beyond the conference walls, INDORE offers a wealth of attractions and experiences waiting to be explored. From historic landmarks and cultural sites to scenic parks and bustling markets, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant city. Take some time to immerse yourself in the local culture, sample delicious cuisine, or simply wander the streets and soak in the atmosphere during your visit to ISFMG 2026.

Indore at Glance

The Ahilyeshwar temple

In Maheswar is the biggest and grandest temple dedicated to Lord Shiva famous for intricate architecture and sculptures.

Chappan (56) Dukan

56 Dukan is known for its active street food scene and variety of shops, establishing itself as a notable landmark for residents and visitors alike.

Kanch Mandir

A famous Jain temple, While it appears as a medieval mansion from the outside, inside, intricate glass mosaics and carvings cover every surface.